Celebrate world culture. Travel across the Earth. Send a gift from Mother Nature.

Celebrate World Culture. Travel Across The Earth.
Send A Gift From Mother Nature.


  • Incan Treasure Pendant

    The Peruvian Lost City of Machu Picchu is the inspirational setting for this wooden charm. The discovered treasure of the Incas displays their talent for creating durable design. Made of numinous sebucao set on hand embroidered, beaded border, this necklace spells mystic beauty to the beholder. Available in vermelion. Exclusively from ZeMis.


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    Incan Treasure Pendant
  • Order of Pericles Neckpiece

    During the Golden Age of Athens, aesthetics and creativity brought splendor and prosperity to the ancient Greek city-state. The Order of Pericles neckpiece brings back indeed the Glory that was Greece. Made of turquoise stones, Mother of Pearl shells, metal and wooden beads, this Acropolis inspiration is hand embroidered on 'tinalak' fabric...


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    Order of Pericles Neckpiece
  • Vegan Cheetah Bangle

    As part of the Sweet Safari series, this Vegan bangle comes in cheetah pattern but is made from coconut shells. It adds a playful punch to a nude/neutral outfit. Go Green Certified.


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    Vegan Cheetah Bangle
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