Celebrate world culture. Travel across the Earth. Send a gift from Mother Nature.

Celebrate World Culture. Travel Across The Earth. Send A Gift From Mother Nature.


  • Knit Me Tie Me Bracelet - Chartreuse

    Warm up to her with this simple, handmade yet sweet and elegant bracelet. Its fresh and casual design allows you to wear it during the day yet evokes a natural, sophisticated charm that can glam up your pastel evening ensemble. This accessory is made from eco-sustainable wood, knitted ball mixed in with sequined balls.


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    Knit Me Tie Me Bracelet - Chartreuse
  • We Cuff - Pink

    Named after the famous two-headed snake, this elegantly designed cuff comes in two dual-color combinations and adjustable to fit different size wrists. This cuff is named after the Chanel founder, matching the legendary designer's signature shade of pink. A portion of the sale of this product is donated to a foundation...


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    We Cuff
  • Blackhole Cuff

    This Vegan metal cuff is made from seashell of the 'limpit' variety overlaid on metal. Its adjustable circumference allows you to wear it on the wrist or near the elbow. This natural shell design mimics a blackhole and exudes rocker chic. Go Green Certified.


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    Blackhole Cuff
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